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May 1995 - March 22, 2011

It is with great sadness, I write these words. Sweet and loving Miguel passed away recently. He will be truly missed by all who knew him, and especially by his mom and Anthony, his brother.

I remember when Miguel and Anthony's mom contacted me a couple of years ago requesting travelling outfits for them. She was taking them to Spain for the summer. I thought she was kidding. Anthony was "all boy", liked to hang out with the trademen so denim was an easy choice. It was suggested that we do something nautical for Miguel - I was thinking sailor suit, but his mom was thinking more like Commodore. It was great fun designing the jackets with "Mig and Ant's" mom and her friends. They all had input and it took almost a month for everyone to agree on the design. The boys didn't take well to their walking jackets - so mom sprinkled catnip on them! 

Many pictures and memories have been shared over the years. Miguel and Anthony were such important members of the family - always loving and entertaining their mom.

Below are just a few of the pictures of Miquel which have been shared with love - please enjoy the pictures of this truly remarkable and much loved member of the family.

Miguel - you will be missed, but never forgotten!

Memories of Miguel

Here Miguel is showing off his new jacket and checking out his accommodations for Spain. 

Yes, I think the kennel color will be good with my jacket. Yup, looks roomy - oh so soft and cushy mat to lay on! 

Yes mom - it is very nice carpet. It shows off how handsome I am in my jacket. 

Miguel - the Kitten!

"Mig's" first night in his new home. Oh so little and adorable - and what a big appetite!

 New toy for Miguel - a makeup brush!!!

This is the life - just lounging around in a beautiful "garden of flowers" - without the bugs!!!

"Mig" and new friend cuddling?!

Friend Bear and Miguel on top of "the garden" - great view! From our view - what a little cutie!!!

I look good among the Ivy as well. To be honest, I look handsome and elegant anywhere and everywhere!

Attention everyone! See how very handsome I look.

Memories in Spain

Miguel Checking-In!

 This is the life! I can sleep anywhere! I am an International kitty!

 Another soft and cushy place to hang out and look handsome!

Normally, I don't do windows, but.... 

Peek-a-boo!!! So this is what is out

here... Sweet! Let's explore. 

Mom and Miguel having quality time together in Spain. You can see the love they share.

Final Happy Days with his mom

Miguel had strength of will and dignity to the end.

To help keep up his strength, he was given a variety of foods.

 Food of Choice - Rice Crispies

The picture of total unconditional love...



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