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Jax, our Abyssinian loves birds so we used to take him out to a park so he can ogle them to his heart's content. We haven't done that in awhile since he's outgrown his baby jacket so when the new jacket came, we put it on him and opened the balcony doors so he could look at birds from the outside. He sure loved that! :D. We plan to take him camping with us in August hence our need for a secure jacket :). I do think he is comfortable with it because it fits perfectly. Thanks again and I really love the silver swirls.


Burnaby, B.C.

"As a breeder I send all of my kittens home with their own personal walking jacket made especially for them by Sherry of Cattykittydesigns. I know they will help new owners when they are teaching their savannah kittens to walk on a leash. Plus if I fly a kitten to his/her new home they wear their walking jacket on the plane, and are so much more comfortable with it on. It is like a pair of warm hands holding them safely when they leave home for a far away destination.

Teresa Adebahr

WildStreak Savannahs

I would like to share my feedback of catty kitty designs walking jackets.When I was in the market for a jacket for my bengal I came across many websites but I ended up deciding on catty kitty because I really like the personal touch & clear passion the website portrayed & the pictures of the jackets looked wonderful.Not to mention the reasonable price & that I could get it shipped all the way to Australia without breaking the bank! Having Django's name embroidered on it gave it that extra special touch. The jacket itself fit perfectly & I liked that the velcro is very strong so he cant get out yet quick put on. The fabric was beautiful & suited him perfectly! Sherry was easy & great to communicate with & we still keep in touch sharing stories of our pets. It's a great feeling to help out someone who loves to sew and runs a small business rather than a giant corporation. I highly recommend Catty Kitty walking jackets-great product, great customer service & best of all happy kitties:)

Django's Mom


The last set of jackets we ordered worked for 2.5 years. My cats feel very comfortable in the jackets. We take them out a lot, so comfort is important as they sometimes have to wear their jackets all day. I tell everyone who asks me to buy your jackets. I get asked a lot of questions about walking cats and in my experience your jackets work the best. The wide bands and type of fabric you choose make them comfortable. The Velcro makes them easy to put on and off. And they are very secure. One of my Bengals freaks out occasionally and has only managed to get the jacket half off once. That is impressive. Some days I wish I had your business cards. Lol Thank you for making these jackets for my kitties.


Satisfied cat walker

We recently added two kittens to our family; an Abyssinian and an Ocicat. We wanted to teach them to walk so that we could enjoy the outdoors with them. These walking jackets made by Sherry were recommended to us. We are very impressed with their quality. We had both cats out the other day having just left our home for a short walk. The cats became startled from the noise of a work truck as it came around a corner and one of our cats ?Cleo? tried to bolt. The jacket worked exceptionally well in keeping her secure, on the leash and safe. Your jackets are awesome! Both in design and functionality. We have received many compliments on them. This is a true testament to your product and passion for your work. We highly recommend your jackets. Thanks so much!

Clo & Tony

Aby Ocicat owners

We received the jacket some time ago and it fits perfectly our two year old sorrel/red abyssinian variant (his mother is a pure abyssinian, his father a somali). His name is Mio, but the name Mischief really would fit him too. As you may have guessed, we have previously tried several cat harnesses available from cat stores, which did not provide any challenge for our little lovely escape artist. He could get out of them easily, and he probably enjoyed, when my husband was running after him saying come here kitty kitty kitty . With your jacket, he cannot escape, and he has even stopped trying. However, the jacket fits so well, that he can play and explore without even noticing the jacket. He really enjoys his walking tours and he is purring loudly, when we put the jacket on him. I have attached some pictures with Mio (see Photo Gallery) formerly known as the little escape artist showing how well it fits and how much he enjoys the walking tours. Thank you for your excellent work.

New friend from Denmark

We love our new addition to our family, and especially feel secure taking her outside and on road trips in her safe and comfortable harness! We can walk her with our dogs, and bring her with us on family outings in her jacket knowing she can explore and move around without getting into harms way. I personnelly have never had any experience with a kitten wearing a jacket, until this one and have decided that not only is it fashionable fun, its more importantly a wonderful asset in training and associating our kitten with all the fun in the outdoor world around her. It is perfectly sewn and has withstood daily use over the past few months and still looks brand new. Thank you Sherry and thank you Teresa of Wildstreak Savannahs!

Lisa Lancaster/Juno - Savannah Kitten

Very Satisfied Mom!

Maui had a scare outside in her new jacket. Something startled her in the backyard and she bolted and got into a panic. The jacket held her (despite much pulling and jumping on her part) in on the end of her leash though. I was able to grab her, carry her inside and help her to calm down. She's a little leery of going back outside again but we're working on this. She's too adventurous not to want to keep trying though. What I was impressed with is that her jacket held her. If you're ever seen a panicking cat you know how hard this can be. They can get out of anything in this situation. It didn't hurt her, she couldn't wriggle out, and a crisis was averted. My thanks to the designer. ;) Meghan


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