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Be free to explore and do what you want safely and securely by wearing a "Catty Kitty Designs" Walking Jacket/Vest!

My products are not mass produced or being imported for resale - I

make every item personally with quality fabric, etc. and the security

of your pet is my utmost concern.

Check out just some of my furry clients below who live very full and safe lives in their walking jackets.

For more pictures, please visit the Photo Gallery!

Meet Bugs - he has a jacket to match the family plane! He knows how to travel in style!

Now I have my jacket on...... Let's go for a ride in the car!

Our precious little Peanut used to wear his walking jacket so he could ride in his very own car seat!!!! Which, by the way, sits on the front passenger's side and passengers sit in the back!!!!! As soon as I brought out his jacket, he would jump on the couch and sit patiently while I put it on him. Can you say Spoiled!!!!!!!

Here's Archie!!!! - Check out his ride.....

Archie takes a little walk to stretch his legs before his ride in his trailer behind his mom's bicycle! And I thought my boys were spoiled!!!! 

Meet Romeo - a Bengal with a title!!!

Romeo is sporting a Large Cats Walking jacket and exploring the outdoors! His full name is Grand Champion KingRomeo of Lauras Passion. Meow!!! Oh, so handsome!!!!

Meet Vanna!!! A Savannah monitor!!!

Vanna was being showcased in a booth at a Pet Expo and wanted to explore and stretch her legs.

She is wearing an adult size Catty Kitty Designs recycled denim walking jacket (and leash)! Our jackets are not just for kitties!!!!


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