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All jackets are made with 100% quality cotton which has been pre-shrunk to ensure the jackets are machine washable and dryable.  Each jacket is made by the owner with close attention to detail and with the welfare and safety of the pet utmost in her mind.  Must keep our special family members safe and secure.

The sizes listed below are approximate, as each jacket has Velcro Brand "hook and loop" tape sewn to the closures at the neck and body so that the jackets are adjustable at the same time keeping your precious pet safely secure. 

The Adult-Size below fits most adult cats. 

Itty Bitty Size are sized for kittens. They should fit most breeds and are shorter in the body length, so they will be too short for an adult kitty as the jacket/vest will cut into his/her "arm pits".

We like to carry a variety of jackets; however, we only have one jacket available in that size in the web store.  We have a variety of fabric often in a limited amount. If it is sold out and you are interested, please "Contact Us".



Below is the approximate measurements when the  hook and loop tape (Velcro Brand) is fully overlapped.  ***  The size of each jacket is listed under the description for each jacket. ***

  • Itty Bitty Size:  7 1/2 - 8 in. Neck / 10 in. Body
  • Adult Jacket:  9 in. Neck / 13 - 14 in. Body

For measuring purposes, please measure the neck about where a collar would sit and the body measurement just behind the  front legs.

Difference between 
Adult size jacket/vest (red) and Itty Bitty kitten size jacket / vest (camouflage):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            




Quality cotton walking Jackets - Start at $22

Recycled "Blue Jeans" Jackets - Start at $22  

Sets (Jacket and Leash) - Start at $30


To keep costs to the minimum, we ship by the most cost effective way which is Standard Ground Postal Service.  There is no tracking available with this service; however, a parcel has never gone missing!!!  Where it is cost effective, we also pay the extra charge for "Air Service" for International Shipping to expedite the delivery.  Included in the Shipping Price is a Bubble Envelope which is a bit more expensive than a regular brown "paper" envelope but it provides extra protection for your order.

Shipping to Canada is $3.50 and U.S. is $5.00 per jacket (using Standard Ground Postal Service).  Matching leash will be shipped with jacket free of charge.  Additional items will be $2.50 each.

International Shipping per jacket is $8.00.  Additional items will be $5.00 each.  Matching leash will be shipped free with jacket.



Items can be purchased in the Web Store.   Please ensure you select your country prior to checkout.

"Contact Us"  if you wish more information on the items shown. 


Method of Payment:

PayPal in USD

Return Policy:

Please ensure you check jacket measurements prior to placing your order.  Each jacket is measured and the size listed under description.  The measurement reflects the size in inches when the velcro is fully overlapped at the neck and under the tummy.  The velcro can be adjusted to make the jacket smaller or larger; however, you want good overlap to ensure kitty is safely secure.

Due to the health safety consideration of each kitty / puppy, I am sorry I do not accept jackets back for return as I cannot resell them.