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Our Team

These are my helpers(??) and inspiration. I love being around my boys. They make me laugh and help by stealing or tugging at my fabric, chasing the spools of thread that sometimes drop and any other way they can help (drive me crazy)! Mischief acts as a paper weight and a supervisor of my work. They both keep in shape by chasing each other around the house! And sometimes they even get along in front of the fireplace during "break". My husband and I love them dearly - life would be so boring and quiet without them!

My inspiration and original team

This is Mischief, our beautiful Abyssinian cat born April 15, 2003. He is showing off an embroidered wall hanging I made - he thought it was his! (Of course, he thinks everything is for him.)

I had just finished making this little project and placed it on the table before going upstairs to get something. When I came down the stairs, I laughed when I saw Mischief was posing and showcasing my new creation. It wasn't staged - honest!!!! If you know Abyssinians, they can be so unpredictable and of course entertaining!!!!

Team Member 2

This sweet face is my little Peanut, a Yorkshire Terrier (or sometimes a terror!) - Mischief's little brother and the latest member of our family. He was born July 30, 2006. He weighs just over 3 pounds, but thinks he is a really big dog! Peanut acts as a Supervisor over his big brother!!!

"On Break"


It has taken such a long time to edit this page as I have to deal with the fact that we lost our wonderful and beloved Mischief on March 13, 2013 due to kidney failure. Every time I look at his pictures I cry with all the memories of such a sweet and precious family member. Despite him never wearing one of my jackets, he brought me the opportunity to start making jackets through the collaboration with his breeder.  

I am so grateful and as we no longer have a kitty, we do have the opportunity to share all the wonderful stories and pictures our customers / friends from all over the world.

My adorable PEANUT continues to be my little side-kick and constant companion. When things aren't going well, I can always count on puppy kisses!!!!! He does wear one of our jackets so he does make a good model and sometimes he is a help and other times - not so much!!!!

So right now, it is just Peanut and I - the team. But what a Team!!! LOL

Mischief will always be in our heart and on the pages of our website - there would not have been a Catty Kitty Designs without him.

Thanks for visiting us.

Sending love from Sherry and Peanut



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