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 Please welcome my newest client Romeo, a Bengal from Passions Bengals. 

His full name is Grand Champion KingRomeo of LaurasPassion.

 Not only does he have a Title, he is also very handsome and fills out a walking jacket (with matching leash) very well!!!! Meow!!! 

Romeo, watch out for all those Juliets.....

 Yes, I do look good in this jacket - just try to take it off me..... Back off!!!

If you are interested in learning more about Romeo and the Bengal breed, please click on the LINK below which will take you to Laura's Passions Bengals. And dealing with his mom, Laura was a true delight!


Meet Vanna - one of my newest clients wearing a "cat jacket"!? 

Vanna is a Savannah Monitor who is 5 years old. These Monitors are originally from West Africa but are now captive bred in many areas of the world. Vanna was born in the USA and came to Canada with a group of his littermates.

Vanna - the beloved pet and family member!

Recommended Cat Sites

Cat Resources / Publications

I have had the great opportunity to be involved with a wonderful Publication - Bengals Illustrated. They offer excellent publications: Bengals Illustrated, Savannahs Illustrated and a special edition for "Your Bengal Kitten" which has a wealth of information for new kitten owners (and not just for Bengal kittens). Each publication is a labor of love and filled with inspirational stories along with lots of excellent resource information. Please check out their websites below:

Other sites, I recommend

When I am not making jackets or spending time with Peanut and Mischief (and of course with my hubby), my other love is quilting (and machine embroidery). I just love the unique and well written patterns of Fun, Easy, Designed. 

They have the most wonderful tote bag - pattern is called "Tote 2 Go". It can be made in a small or large size and the tote folds up into an adorable little purse complete with handles. I have also been working on their brand new exquisite quilt called "Double Wedding Ring" - got the quilt top finished. I am also playing with another one of their fabulous table runners and place mats called "Eclipse".

Please check out their site and order their wonderful patterns at

Please also check out "Designs by Sherry" to see my interpretation of their wonderful patterns.

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