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Models / Customers

 Below are customers showing off their fabulous physique and stylish attire!

Introducing the adorable Zazu and Kiara

We feel so lucky that our customers share their picture of their kitties.

This is the adorable Zazu and Kiara (the Red Head) showing off their new Catty Kitty Designs Itty Bitty jackets. Both are beautiful Savannahs.

Their mommy said that they weren't posed - she just looked and saw them cuddled that way!!!!! Awwwwwwwww - so sweet!!!!!! That certainly is a "Kodak moment"! They sure bring a smile to your face!!!!

Meet two of more my clients...

Zelda and Cazic are brother and sister Abys, from Ruddicat Abyssinians, who live with their people, Jason and Jessica and an older cat in Washington state. Aren't they just adorable!!!

Here's Zelda

No, no! Don't, I'm ticklish!!!! Let me just lay here and look cute!

 Look how this jacket brings out my beautiful green eyes! 

(By the way Zelda, Mischief thinks your eyes are beautiful, too!)

And meet Cazic

If I could only get into that bag.... It would be a great hiding spot for "Hide and Seek" from my sister, Zelda.

This jacket and blanket shows off my exquisite dark fur. I am soooooo handsome and have such a great profile!!! You got my good side....

Meet Princess Kyra

Kyra is a beautiful Calico who comes from a large family in Alberta, Canada! She shares her home on an acreage of land with a sister, three male cats and three dogs, plus her people!

Her mom said that she always thought she was a Princess, but since wearing her new jacket, she holds her head up higher and acts like a true Princess.

"Princess" Kyra has been an escape artist, escaping from all of the various harnesses her mom tried on her. All her Mom wanted to do was keep her baby safe - obvious, Kyra thought she knew best - but this time, Mom knows best, because Kyra can't escape from her new jacket. Now she can play out doors and explore safely.

Kyra shows off her new jacket

 Aren't I gorgeous! Beautiful face, fabulous eyes! Just call me Princess Kyra.

See how good I look in my new jacket. It is very slimming and form fitting showing off my full figure. It also shows off the color of my fur so well.... 

It doesn't make my butt look big, does it???

Meet the Beautiful Gracie!

Some people are superstitious of Black Cats, but how can you resist this exquisite Black Cat, Gracie!!! Gracie looks gorgeous strutting around modelling the Blue Leopard Print Jacket and Leash, (while keeping her safe and secure) – what a great contrast to her beautiful fur!!! Excellent model!!! Thank you, Gracie!!!!

Meet Xena

 I met Xena's guardians at a recent cat show and they were telling me about their lovely cat Xena and the rest of their beautiful cats. They are very special and loved cats, as they have a roof top area to enjoy. Xena was in need of a new jacket, as she has outgrown her old one.

Please enjoy the pictures of Xena in her new jacket. It sure brings out the lovely markings in her fur.

All this excitement of getting a new jacket has made me sleepy - lets see how comfy it is to sleep in!!!!

Hope you got my good side... Don't I look pretty in my new jacket with my name on it - I'm Xena and don't you forget it!!!!

Watch out! The beautiful Xena (the warrior Princess) has her eye on something....


Please meet one of my youngest models - Vincent. He was 11 weeks old when this picture was taken and he does needs to grow a bit more to fit into his kitten size jacket!

To find out more about this adorable breed, please see the link for Katzalano Singapuras under the "News & Links" Page. 

My, what big eyes you have!!! 

The better to see you with (and lucky for us to see him) - what a little cutie!

Sit Vincent - Good Boy! This is not a lap kitten, but a hand kitten!

Please meet Bigger Bang - My First Model (now known as Jones)

 This is Bigger Bang - as you can see bored with the whole thing of having to model - what a Diva!!! However, he is such a handsome boy.... (especially, when his mouth is closed!)

See how the jacket is high around the shoulder area showing off his fantastic body The cat paws on the jacket show off his fun and whimsy side. A real man can wear large paw prints. Actually, he can wear anything he wants!!!

The picture below shows how agile our model can be wearing this jacket - stylish and active at the same time!


And now we have Brandy who is a Himalayan - itsn't she beautiful. See how the black background with the white cats and mice on her walking jacket shows off her lovely long fur!

Brandy is wearing the large walking jacket - same size as the jackets above. Her fabulous long fur just makes her look bigger (oops, hope she doesn't read this - no woman wants to know that she looks big!)

 Yawn..... Are we finished???? All this posing has made me so tired - need my cat nap!!! Meow.

 Unfortunately, like all of my models - posing is such a BORE!!!! 

Hopscotch's Loki

   Cute name - this is a local BC Cattery breeding those wonderful Abyssinians.

Please meet Loki.

When I asked Loki's mom to tell me about Loki - this was her response.

"About Loki: He is a very friendly & outgoing boy who loves everyone that he meets. He is very gentle & always happy. He is rather calm for an aby, but quick to play when the toys come out. His full name is RW SGC Hopscotch Runako Nalo, but we just call him Loki."

Christie gave me permission to reword or summarize the information; however, she included the following instruction....

 " BUT be sure to say he loves time spent outdoors in his walking jacket :)"

 Thank you Christie for the wonderful pictures. They were certainly worth waiting for. He is all that you said about him and more. Loki really is beautiful, gentle and friendly! Got to love those Abys!

And, Loki does look stunning and comfortable in his walking jacket...


No animals were harmed in the taking of these photos.



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