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Catty Kitty Designs

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Web Store

Such A Sweet Kitty Face Tote Bag


This pre-washed reusable tote bag features a large 9 inch x 12 inch front pocket showcasing the face of a very sweet kitty.  The main body of the tote displays words we affectionaly associate with kitty such as precious, cutie cat, little kitty - just to mention a few....

The body of the tote measures about 15 inches across and about 18 inches deep with "boxed" corners on the bottom of the tote.  

The black and white Paw Print straps measures 23 inches long and are long enough, if you are  like me who likes to carry their tote over their shoulder.

After you finished shopping for kitty or yourself, you can fold the tote up into the front pocket** to stow away in your purse or car so it is always ready for another shopping spree!!!

**It measures about 6 inches long x 4 inches wide and about 1 inch deep.

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