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Catty Kitty Designs

Photo Gallery

Kitty Piks Kitty Piks Call me Boss, or Kracker! This very handsome kitty is a F5 Savannah named Kracker Ajax. He will be 2 years old in August and weighs about 10 pounds. His mom says "whenever I start putting his jacket on he sits there and purrs because he knows he is going outside which he loves to do. And yes it fits him perfectly. Like it was made for him." 198426915 Yes Lucy, this definitely is your good side The very beautiful model posing and showing off our Asian Flair jacket is an Abyssinian named Lucy. When asked what the color of her eyes were, her mommy told me they are in colors of sunset dunes with a hint of very transparent pale green near her irises. Like everything about Lucy, her eyes are exquisite as well 197605812 Please say Hello to the Beautiful Gracie This gorgeous raven colored kitty is out exploring wearing our blue leopard print jacket with matching leash. We also embroidered her name on it to make it extra special just for this extra special kitty!! Gracie, thank you for making such a great model! 197120378 Bugs sure knows have to travel in style!!! Meet Bugs - his people wanted a jacket to match their plane! This fun,one-of-a-kind jacket was customized and created just for Bugs. Isn't he a handsome kitty, not to mention "a man around town"!!! or the skies!!!! LOL 197119970 Meet the sweet little Mtima!!!! I am delighted to introduce Mtima, one of my latest and cutest clients!!!!! (Of course, I think all of my furry clients are cute!!!) Mtima (prononouced Teema) means Heart in an African language and he certainly does melt your heart when you look at him. Well chosen name!!!! Mtima is a Blue male Abyssinian kitten wearing the Wild Cats by us! We also made him a black leash so he and his momma can go for walks together. We are sure he is going to bring lots of joy and love to his new momma and the rest of his new family! What a purrfect match!!!!! 194544322 Mtima - all grown up!!! You met Mtima in his Big Cats jacket as a wee kitten and here he is wearing his "big boy" jacket - darn cute denim with his name embroidered on the pocket. He is also sporting a patriotic bandana with his name on it as well!!! He has turned into a very handsome kitty - hasn't he!!!!! Meow..... 197033510 Lily Look how pretty Lily is! Lily is an F5 Savannah kitten. Although she is wearing our Black with White Paw Prints Set, it does not distract from her beautiful markings. She sure looks like she is enjoyng the outdoors! But safely! 92717365 Ash and Twig hanging out in the Park!!! This is true love!!! Great cuddling and in such a pretty setting!!! In the park!!! Ash in the Orange with Golden Swirls and Twig with Black Tone-On-Tone Jackets (both of course by Catty Kitty Designs)!!! LOL Aren?t they both beautiful Bengals and oh so cuddly!!!!! 194543240 Ash and Twig - Like Two Peas in a Pod Here is Ash and Twig again riding side by side - Ash wearing a different Catty Kitty Designs jacket. They are like two peas in a pod - always hanging out together. 197056242 Meet Willow - Ash and Twig's Little Sister Willow isn't taking time to smell the roses, but certainly is taking time to take a pose!!! What an excellent model!!! Not that anyone would notice, but she is wearing her new jacket!!!! LOL Her momma takes great pictures!!!! What a beautiful moment!!! 194543225 Meet Pebbles, The Boss Isn't she pretty!!! Pebbles is wearing the black jacket with Boss embroidered on it. Every girl needs a "black" outfit!!! Her mom told me she was a little nervous at first but......... 197056528 Look at Pebbles now........ Pebbles rules!!!! She is now the Boss!!! Pebbles is now out exploring and demands when she goes out!!! Pebbles is now definitely The Boss and such a beautiful kitty and a great model!!! 197056529 Preppy Look! This was a custom order for a sweet Savannah kitten from "Wildstreak Savannahs". It has a matching leash. The crest shows the monogram of his owner. See Mars in the next picture sporting his new jacket complete with a dapper bow tie! 92717369 Mars goes Preppy - Maybe to Harvard! Mars doesn't seem terribly impressed - perhaps he wanted a different color of bow tie! Or maybe he wants to go to Yale instead!!! 92717366 Handsome Mars Again! He is such a handsome kitty - his Savannah markings are quite beautiful. 92717367 Mars Lounging Outside! Mars is taking in the rays during his cat nap, while being safe and secure in his preppy jacket! 92717368 This posing is sooooo boring! Yawn.... Taiko is a sweet Abyssinian kitten sporting an elegant jacket showing the name of his new cattery home, "Abayomi Abyssinians". 92717371 Taiko goes fishing! Enough posing, this take this jacket for a walk and check out the fish! You fish just wait until I get a bit bigger.... 92717372 Did you get my best side!!! This is Taiko again. He is such a sweet littly boy with the most adorable face. His new owner sent so many pictures of Taiko, it was hard to choose - he was adorable in all of them! "Ruddicat Abyssinian" was the breeder for this wonderful little kitten. 92717373 Taiko - The Traveller! This is a fabulous picture of Taiko riding in the car with his new mom to pick up his best buds from school. He, of course, is showing off his lovely jacket! 92717370 Amara of Abayomi Abyssinians What a beautiful kitty showing off the matching adult jacket to Taiko's featuring the embroidered name of Abayomi Abys on it. Such elegance! Got to love those beautiful abys! 92717375 Klepto has decided to explore... Tail up - he must be happy walking around safe and secure outside in his new jacket. What freedom and style.... Aren't I a handsome boy!!! 92819333 Beautiful Klepto - What shall I do!!!!??? Klepto is a 1 1/2 year old male Savannah. Let me just sit here contemplating what I will do next and show off my exquisite body and enjoy my new walking jacket. 92819332 Precious and Lover Boy! This is a brother and sister cuddling on their favorite place and (I guess) their favorite position! The names are purrfect! Aren't they just the cutest! 92781619 The Pair wearing their jackets! Lover Boy and Precious get used to their new jackets watching TV! or napping while watching TV. Hope there are no fights over the remote! 92781620 Handsome Jake! Jake likes to take long walks around the Seawall in Vancouver, British Columbia with his owner. He gets a lot of attention! Jake is a one year old Aby - he is truly handsome! 92782615 The Lovely Ragdoll Maui! What a beauty! Maui's pretty pink walking jacket shows off her beautiful white fur! She has such a pretty face - a real girlie, girl! 92827325 Maui Exploring! Earlier in the Spring, Maui had a bit of a fright when she was outside - it is nice she is once again exploring in her jacket. See the next picture for her new baby "brother". 92827322 Helo takes time to smell the flowers! Maui's and her family recently welcomed this sweet Savannah kitten. This simple blue walking jacket is a great compliment to Helo's exquisite markings. Oh so handsome! 92827323 Helo explores... Helo is certainly enjoying the beautiful outdoors in his safe and stylish walking jacket. Go Helo! 92827324 Maui and Helo - What is that Squishy Noise The snow has finally melted and we can play outside again - is that water squishing underneath the cement! We recommend repairs to the cement - it shouldn't be doing that!!!! Here is Maui without her pretty pink jacket and Helo will his new red jacket enjoying the outdoors again. Helo is growing so quickly - he is becoming such a big and beautiful boy - he has another new jacket. Look for a picture of him wearing his new jacket soon! Maui just looks pretty with or without her jacket! 121317119 Beautiful Brandy! Despite her luxurious long fur, Brandy wears a black with white cats and mice adult jacket. You fill it out very nicely Brandy. 92822870 Jetsetter Leiko Leiko dons your basic black cat walking jacket to show off his exquisite "Wildstreak Savannah" markings. Very handsome Leiko! 92822875 Leiko rides in style! Perhaps when Leiko is old enough, he may fly the plane???!!! He sure looks like he belongs there. 92822876 Graceful Kyra! See mom, I can go anywhere in my jacket! 92822874 Cazic Such a pretty (or should I same handsome) Aby from Ruddicat Abyssinian. The orange shades in his jacket compliment the wonderful coloring in his fur.Such a sweet little kitten. 92822871 Cazic plays! Cazic wearing his star print cat walking jacket likes to play! What a cutie! See below to see his sister, Zelda! Two times the fun! 92822872 Baby Zelda! This pretty green cat walking jacket shows off her pretty fur and eyes. Tickle, tickle Zelda! So very sweet. 92822879 Anthony takes nap while reading... I received a very unusual email requesting "travelling jackets" for Anthony and Miguel below. They would be vacationing in Spain for the summer with their person! That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. 92831544 Miguel is the thinker! With the help of their mom's friends, everyone had a say in planning their jackets. It did take about three weeks before everyone approved from all over the country, and Spain... but see below for the final outcome! Such fun! 92831864 Anthony is the rugged type! His jacket was made with recycled jeans with an embroidered "badge" showing his name. A matching leash completed his travelling ensemble! 92831545 Anthony wearing jacket! After sprinkling cat nip all over the jacket and his running around, a picture was finally taken of him wearing his jacket. 92831543 Miguel is more elegant... "Commodore Miguel" was dressed in his finery with a navy blue jacket showcasing a nautical crest and his initials. Faux gold braid aligned the edge of the yoke. Very handsome Miguel. 92831547 Miguel tries on his jacket! Peak-a-boo, you can't see me - I am hiding behind my kennel. I am a simple, but elegant guy, do I really have to wear this fancy sailor suit!!!! 92831546 Meet Baci and Leo As part of the planning committee for Anthony and Miguel's jackets, I had the great fortune to correspond with Baci and Leo's mom. Unfortunately, they were moving across the country away from their friends and needed travelling jackets. 92832800 Laid-Back Leo! Leo proudly shows off his recycled denim jacket (made from my husband's shirt!) showcasing his name embroidered on it. Leo, you are such a handsome dude! 92832233 Beautiful Baci! Here is Baci showing off his matching jacket with his name embroidered on on it. Such a handsome dude as well! Good looking boys! No committee involved in designing their jackets!!! 92832234 Off to our new Homes! Two adorable kittens from Wildstreak Savannahs are on the way to their new homes - kitten on the left is going to the home of the brother and the sister is taking Juno, on the right home with her. Aren't they just too cute! 93181016 Juno is a Cuddler! This and the next picture shows Juno cuddling in the back of the truck bed with Biscuit, the dog! Hard to tell where one starts and the other ends! 93182062 Juno, the Cuddler! Juno's mom comments on her: "She is adorable, very very affectionate and a play machine! Now that's she's older she wrestles with the dogs and continues to be attached completely to our cat Casey. We have 2 small dogs and two cats and none of the animals really seems to know what species anyone truly Is, they all play wrestle and will curl up together. Here is Juno curled up with our dog biscuit in his bed in my truck. Juno is a hunting machine and a bug eliminator for any insect that happens to make its way inside our house and she sits and stands and does the dog tricks for treats with the two dogs. It's hysterical, took her all of five minutes to figure that one out!" 93182063 Juno Shows Off Her Jacket and Leash! The exquisite Juno shows off her beautiful physique and lovely Catty Kitty Jacket and Matching Leash! And, of course, her name embroidered on it. What a great model!!!! 93181015 Hello - I'm Archie!!! Aren't I a pretty Aby!!! I am also very entertaining - look how I can hang off the edge of my cat tree without falling. Oops, I guess I am not showing off my new jacket very well..... 121319088 It doesn't make my butt look too big??? I am a very slender and agile kitty - I don't want the girls to think I have a big butt!!! But mommy wanted me to show off the jacket - don't I look manly in my smarties jacket!!! I am such a "clothes kitty" - I can wear anything and make it look good!!!! 121319089 The Purrfect View of my Jacket See, it even has my name on it too!!! I really am a very spoiled and handsome boy. I am quite the catch!!! I am fun loving - I have my own tent and my own room - who could ask for anything more. See next pictures. 121319091 DO NOT SHARE THESE PICTURES WITH YOUR KITTY! I refuse to share these pictures with Mischief or Peanut. They would want their own room as well, or move in with Archie!!! Can you say 'SPOILED' - I was hoping Archie's mom and dad would adopt me!!! 121320360 More tunnels for Archie! Mischief has a tunnel which he loves - but these are tunnels!!!! A whole room filled with them - better than catnip!!!! 121320361 Newest "Junior Edition" Model!!!! Charlie: Look at you - you are just so adorably cute! Charlie is an Abyssinian kitten wearing an Itty Bitty Denim Jacket. Charlie - you make such a great model! I am sure you bring great joy and entertainment to your family! 121422865 Meet Victor - A Ragdoll I had the great privilege to meet Victor, his new brother Murphy (the dog) and his loving family. I don't usually meet any of my customers or their families. I was present when the very laid-back Victor first put on his jacket. No fuss at all - just laid there while his mom put on his jacket. 122147415 Excuse Me - I want to use the Computer Or, is this his way of getting attention!!!! Look how pretty he looks - especially the way his blue jacket shows off his beautiful blue eyes. Victor - you are such a beauty - or should I say a handsome boy! 122147416 Yup - Still Waiting....... How can anyone resist such a sweet face! 122147417 Victor shows off new jacket Look how very lovely Victor's white fur shows off his new blue jacket which features subtle paw prints on it. Great modelling, Victor! 122148547 CATS RULE!!!! Poor Murphy certainly knows who the boss is.... Victor!!!!! Typical little brothers! 122192693 Special Jacket for Special Kitty Sammie is a rescue kitty and was having a tough time adjusting to her new home. Her new mom ordered a jacket for Sammie and as a special mom to take in a special kitty - Sammie needed an extra-special jacket. See Sammie in the next picture. 121316873 Sammie Adjusting!!!! Nicely... This is one of Sammie's favorite past times - sleeping. She looks so happy and content in her new home - and if I may add a little advertising - comfy wearing her Catty Kitty Designs jacket!!! LOL 121316872 Aissa has a Kitty Sweater Doesn't my "sweater" look good with my beautiful fur!!! My mommy was concerned about my being cold in the house, so she got me something cozy to keep me warm. Look it has my name on it!!! Aissa - you make a great Catty Kitty Designs model!!!! 121316255 Aissa's Profile Aren't I a pretty kitty. Yes I have a lovely back in the previous picture - but I have a beautiful profile as well. Still wearing my sweater!!! 121316256 Meet the Handsome Rajah and Jabari Jabari is exploring and perhaps working on his tan in his new jacket while Rajah is chilling out in the shade. Perhaps he is having a cat nap!!! They do look comfy in their new jackets!!! 197120052 Now Its Time for Rajah to Explore Now that Rajah has rested, he is now ready to see what there is to explore in the "jungle"!!! Perhaps wild bugs.... Their mommy says that they bring their jackets to her when they want to go out!!! Smart kitties!!! 197120051 Silky and Smooth modelling beautifully! Silky and Smooth's first outing in their new jackets! I guess they were taking a break - all the excitement - or perhaps they just wanted to show off their jackets to the camera!!! What models! You two are definitely the "cat's meow"! Silky & Smooth taking their first walk-and looking very fashionable at the same time! 197121321 Chloe & Zoe - Navy Brats!!!! Chloe and her sister Zoe (next picture) live with "Navy" people in Florida. They are due to move across country soon. Their mom ordered pretty jackets for them to travel in. Chloe's teal with navy dots was made to match her pink with butterflies collar. Pretty Chloe! 122148895 Zoe shows off her jacket! Doesn't Zoe look very pretty in her navy with cream dotted jacket. It compliments her blue collar. She is ready for their move! They are such beautiful girls! 122148896 Chloe and Zoe as kittens! This sure is the life - just cuddling together and laying out on this blue blanket! Doesn't it show off how pretty we are.... 122151887 Still Cuddling!!! Even though we are not kittens anymore - we still like to cuddle..... on a blue background. Still shows off how beautiful Chloe and Zoe are!!! 122151889 And Still Cuddling!!! Just like two kitties in a "pod". There is nothing nicer than cuddling up on a sunny afternoon - together!!! 122152367 Hello, aren't I just the cutest kitten!!! Please meet Paisley - he is a Chocolate Point Siamese. He is such a special kitty - he gets to go to work with his mommy and sit on her desk! What a life.... This laying around and looking so very cute is such hard work!!!! zzzzzzzzz 122149527 Meet Mio! Peek-a-boo Mio!!! He is wearing his "Paws for the Blues!" jacket and frollicking in the grass. 135661384 Mio, formerly known as an Escape Artist No!!! I want to go this way..... Mio's mom said that he was always escaping out of those pet store harness. He looks secure in his new blue jacket. Please refer to "Testimonials" to read his "story". 135661385 Always a good time for a treat! Mio takes time out of his walk to have a snack to keep up his energy! 135661386 Mio takes a Pose! Mio - very handsome! And nice jacket.... 135661387 Let me at it!!!! I don't think I would want to mess with Mio. Attack cat!!! Probably protecting his humans!!!! Good boy, Mio. 135661389 Meet Bela and Oryx who Live in Seoul They were 2.5 months old in this picture. They are both Singapuras - aren't they little cuties!!! 135714648 The very pretty Bela.... Bela is enjoying chilling out on the rooftop patio. She was only 6 months old - what a pretty girl! And what a very nice "Asian Influence" jacket you are wearing..... 135714750 Oryx at One Year Old Such a handsome boy! He is wearing his matching "Asian Influence" jacket which shows off his beautiful fur so nicely. 135714749 Don't Go Dad!!!! This is one way of keeping your human from leaving. Apparently Bela and Oryx do this when their dad tries to leave!!!! That is true cat love..... 135715642 Who Loves His Daddy? Oliver, wearing his "Carthartt" inspired jacket cuddles up to his daddy. Daddy proudly holds his "Daddy's Boy". 135876379 Oly shows off his new jacket Thanks Oly - you make an excellent model. And what a physique!! Nice fur too!!!! 135876376 What A Guy - the Cat's Meow... Oliver, with a pose like that you will have all the girl kitties chasing you. Very handsome boy!! 135876377 Finally... We get to see Oliver's handsome face, cuddling with his dad! The boys just hanging out.... 135876384 Meet Sunny (Bun Bun) This is Oliver's "sister". Her mom calls her Sunny Bun Bun. Look at her posing wearing her new jacket. Another great model! It must run in the family.... 135876380 What a pretty girl! Sunny, you are so very pretty. Is that a good-looking male kitty that has caught your eye?? Go get him... 135876381 Close-up of Sunny Sunny, thank you for showing off your jacket so well. You are such a pretty kitty and focused... 135876382 Strike a Pose, Sunny Bun Bun Sunny is on top of the world showing how it is done. Great modelling, sweet girl. She is also known as "Stalker" or "Wild Child". 135876383 Meet another Oliver! Oliver is also featured in the new album "How to Amuse Kitty". Here he is modelling his new Pin Stripe walking jacket. Handsome, handsome boy!!! 139175077 Now, who could resist that face.... Nugget, you are the purrrfect model. I do believe that is your best side!!! You are so handsome, you don't even realize there are flowers there!!!! 139175382 Quiet Please, Nugget is Sleeping... Please meet the very handsome Nugget. He looks so peaceful - you can almost hear him purring.... 139175381 Nugget wearing his new jacket! Nugget, that jacket sure does show off your beautiful fur. With that adorable face, I am sure you get whatever you want! 139175383 You WILL give me whatever I want! With those gorgeous blue eyes and that sweet face, I bet Samson gets whatever he wants! 139223446 This light really shows off my physique! This is such a great shot showing off Samson's beautiful fur and how handsome he looks in his new jacket. 139223442 Samson - you are so handsome... Look how handsome I look sitting here planning my attack.... 139223444 Look momma, don't I look good! Samson, you look so very comfy in your new jacket - even in-doors. 139223445 Yup, must be a bug..... Samson looks so secure in his new jacket checking out bugs, grass and everything!!! Thank you Samson, you make a great model!!!! 139223443 Twig in New Tiger Jacket I have been dressing Twig and his brother Ash for many years. Twig always makes such a handsome model. Enjoy your walk!! 205994884 Ash, Twig's brother in his new red jacket Ash too makes a very handsome model. 205994900 The Twosome ready for their walk Twig and Ash are showing off yet another new jacket all ready for their daily walk. Thanks boys for posing so you can show off your Catty Kitty Designs jackets. LOL 205994901 Meet Sweet Little Otis This adorable kitten is an Abyssinian. Doesn't he show off his new jacket with style!! Great model Otis! You deserve a treat and a little head butt. 205994902 Hummm, what's for lunch These birds sure have Otis intrigued!! 205994903 Can you say Spoiled!!! Otis' mom makes cozy crocheted cuddly beds. What a life - I will take my meals here please! 205994904