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About Us

Beside my wonderful husband, my beautiful cat Mischief and our latest addition to the family, an adorable Yorkie named Peanut - my other passion is sewing. I have been sewing for many years and enjoy it very much.

Making the jackets at home gives me the opportunity to spend time with the men in my life!

Making wonderful items for pets is such fun. (Unlike sewing "people clothing", I don't have the same fitting challenges to worry about such as a "big butt" or chest or waist sizes - only care about their neck measurement and I guess, sort of, the waist measurement - do cats have waists????)

I am also a quilter, and am excited to introduce Catty Kitty Quilts - please see "News & Links" page. I have "people" size quilts folded all over the house so Mischief and Peanut have a soft place to sleep - and spend time with us.



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